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DIESEL | TIMEFRAMES launch products
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    launch product designed for DIESEL.
DIESEL TIMEFRAMES launch product
product designed for original launch of DIESEL's watch line
This is some of the product we designed and developed for the original DIESEL TIMEFRAMES watch line.
The DIESEL line went from launch to $30m in a year and a half (currently $120m+ annually) and continues to set the trends for a large portion of the fashion watch industry.
this was a limited-edition stainless steel cuff designed as a publicity piece the launch of the original DIESEL watch line
linked PU (rubber) bracelet with steel plate caps...retro 70's "time zones" dial.
another SKU of previous product
per request of DIESEL's design director, we focused on creating non-traditional strap attachments. interesting story about this dial coloring: we originally presented 3D computer renderings of the concepts to the rendering of this product, i had placed a few colored lights for dramatic effect. this actually caused the dial to render out in the "wrong" colors, but DSL liked the colors so we went back and spec'ed this product with the "incorrect" color.
side view of previous product...note strap to case attachment.
oversized chronograph in vintage gold coloring
full page spread in FHM magazine