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    digital watch product designed for DIESEL
DIESEL | angular digital
The Angular Digital product for DIESEL was an interesting project in that it was designed with the singular focus of getting DIESEL to just approve the design. We had been having issues with getting DIESEL's creative director, Wilbert Das, to sign off on new designs (DIESEL's watch line is a license) so the thought process here was to look at other DSL licensed product (such as sunglasses and shoes) and then design using that vocabulary...the thought being if was approved once, it might get approved again.

This helped, but didn't really give the product much of a direction, so I started looking for product inspiration that could link this new design with existing products. To that end, i started looking at these retro-70s super-sports cars (like Maserati, Lamborghini, etc) and started to play off the really angular look of these cars. Rather than try to smooth the watch out, I started looking for ways to sharpen it. We already had a display designed and in limited production, so my intent was to reuse that module (and get our money back out of its development). I knew i could get away with mixing the materials on the strap (it is made of PU/rubber with a leather insert) because that combo was used in the shoe line.

The end result was a trend-setting product that was a massive commercial success. This product would be DIESEL's best selling product for a number of years following its release.
inspiration images and concept sketch
this was the best selling style in DIESEL's watch line for the 3yrs following its original launch.
white on white style added after launch
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