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    The speakers shape derives from the individual coral stone, that is found on the seashore. The coral Stone is reinterpretated to design a 3 dimen… Read More
    The speakers shape derives from the individual coral stone, that is found on the seashore. The coral Stone is reinterpretated to design a 3 dimensional structure to then become a speaker membrane. Read Less
Individual shaped speaker
The project task was to design a home appliances product that incorporates a unusual material or process, that we would choose from our observations in Taiwanese culture. During my travels on the island, I dis-covered several interesting natural materials. While analyzing the structures and patterns of the Corals, I tried to apply the shape to a function of a specific product. My interest for the Patterns made me try to reproduce these structures. I tried to use different fluid materials to make a mold. While I was shaping the limestone I realized that it is very hard to manipulate. So I tried to take away the material from the backside to isolate the interesting pattern and use it as a membrane for a speaker. I decided to design a set of speakers, whose shapes would derrive from the original shape of the coral I had found. To create unique and individual shapes, but still develope a technological look, a combination of materials was required. The concept of Symbiosis also enhanced my idea. A  symbiosis of natural and industrial materials that  symbolizes the relation of man and nature. Most fascinating about coral stone is its beautiful and diverse structure. The pattern varies from one to the next, depending on which type of coral organism built the limestone structure. The patterns are very delicate but the structure itself is very strong and durable. The limestone is not only very resistant but has a great natural white colour. The single units of the pattern are very similar but never totally the same. Through the forces of nature the coral stones are shaped very organic and smooth. The structure of the material creates a very special haptic experience.
The Symbiosis of two materials
In this original concept, the coral stone is used as the speaker membrane, because its structure almost looks very much alike. The back of the speaker is made from high class stainless steel and follows the organic lines of the coral stones shape. The combination, or symbiosis of these materials creates a strong contrast between a very technical and industrial look and the organic natural appearance of the coral stone. When trying to put soundwaves through the coral stone, I realized out, that the limestone structure is too dense to allow soundwaves to get through easily. So apart from the beautiful appearance of the model the realisation was impossible and therefore I had to think again how to use the structural pattern of the coral in a more apropiate way.
Translation of a structure
The coral stone pattern was transformed into a structure that will be the Speakers front part. The structure follows the pentagonal shapes of the corals units. Blown up it becomes a very interesting and visually compelling object. Combined with the backpart made from real coral stone, the two parts form a material symbiosis. Modern technology and natural structure fuse into objects of high aesthatical, haptical and auditive quality. The individual shape of each Symbio creates the impression of an handmade device. The poetry of patterns shaped into an object of sound.