Characters for 'Young creators' competition.

Thinking of the social opinion we are afraid of people not understand us, we don't show our wishes, we start to hide ourself.
The idea is to show that Pepsi helps you to reveal your real dreams!
Drink Pepsi and make you wishes free!

Inside the concept we designed the characters which represent common types of human nature: Bravy (brave, fearless superhero), Creo (amazing and creative), Romantida (sensitive and romantic). We show all of them in the situation, when they are repressed with Pepsi as the solution.

Project: illustration for the cover of a classbook for managers.
Project: to develop the style and make the illustrations for the candy wraps.
Project: to design the characters and the locations for the animation.
Inspired by McBess
Task: to make it easy to produce (cheap) and beautiful :-)
Client: Kcell, mobile operator in Kazakhstan.
Brand: ACTIV.