Quasar 9 Wall Painting
 We asked a lot of students from MIT Institute of Design,Loni, Pune,  what  is the one thing that brings everyone in the institue together under one roof? The answer was undoubltedly the "Loni Sky". 
We then decided to paint the sky in the most bustling area of our institute. It was executed with 1000 or more handprints of all the students in MIT over a period of 2 days.
Quasar is our institutes annual design festival.
Instagram Photos of the Loni sky taken by students.
The colour palette.
A representation of the sky with silhouettes of existing buildings and structures visible in our campus.
Projection and outlining the colour divisions.
Mixing paints!
The process.
A timelapse of the left wall painting.
Left Wall
Right Wall
The team.(Srishti Sehgal, Soha Savant, Manav Dhiman, Chirag Shah, Pinakee Naik, Arjav Shah, Tanya Gijy, Saumya Kesurwala and Himanshi Parmar)

Thank you to everyone who made this project happen.
Somewhere in Loni.