The challenge 
Explore how Airbnb can creatively
empower their existing community to
grow this idea of ‘belonging’ out to a new audience
The solution 
Airbnb already has a strong existing brand, their online community is developed to a level that we felt is currently really successful. We wanted to provide a solution to this brief that exists primarily in the physical world. We felt this tangibility is a key thing that Airbnb's brand is missing. The brief asks us to help the Airbnb community to grow. We identified that certain people may be reluctant to use Airbnb as they find it difficult to trust strangers. The Airbnb passport aims to provide the brand with an integrated physical outcome that tackles this issue of trust.
Each Airbnb member will be provided with a passport which will work as a form of identification and a travel journal, The passport is a way for travellers and hosts to share their experiences, tips and knowledge. This will create genuine relationships within the Airbnb community which in turn will build trust between existing members and also incite non-members to join Airbnb and become a part of this community. The Airbnb brand is fully integrated into the design of the passport. People will associate the relationships the passport allows for with Airbnb, building trust in the Airbnb brand itself. 
The ID card itself is reminiscent of an official document, however Airbnb users won’t have to adhere to strict regulations when taking the photograph for their passport. In fact, they will be encouraged to express themselves with an accessory a hair do or a facial expression.
The pages of the passport can be shared to the Airbnb community wall and individual personal profiles. This is an effective way of sharing experiences and links the physical passport to the existing online community.
The illustrations seen throughout the passport are taken from existing images of the views from Airbnb accommodation. This encapsulates the fact that with Airbnb you can ‘belong anywhere’.
Promotional campaign video for the Airbnb passportssport
The AirBnB passport will instil trust, create stronger connections and allow the community to grow.