Final 30 seconds long TV SPOT.
The whole concept of the tv spot is based on a simple idea that the music will animate and drive the movement of the camera, the lights and the visualisation displayed on the enormous cylindrical screen built out of hundreds of cg mauser containers. In the middle of this stunning light arena, standing motionlessly, a car and a motorcycle are placed in such manner that the lights can reflect on their clean bodies creating breathtaking colourful spectacle.
Shorter 8 seconds long version (completely new shots created for the shorter spot only).
Making-of presents the look behind the scenes and exclusive shot's breakdowns.
The 2D visualization which is displayed on the arena wall was inspired by an original piece by an extraordinarily talented composer Adam Oakman (, who's been working with Meggot on many projects before. The surreal visualisation created by Patryk Bychowski illustrates and reinforces the emotions and dynamics of the soundtrack.
Motor Show 2015 - 3D animated TV spot