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    Efforts of students from the HFA:SCS in Detroit lending their hand and work to help in raising awareness for the One Million Bones Project.
One Million Bones is an art awareness project happening around the country to raise awareness on the genocides that are happening around the world. Every bone created raises money for the efforts to aid these areas. In 2013 all of the bones that have been created throughout the country will be collected and displayed at the National Mall in Washington D.C. as a large art installation to raise awareness to government that it is long overdue for something to be done about this.These photographs are from the efforts of students from the Henry Ford Academy: School for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI during three mornings of educating the students on the issue and each creating bones to raise money for the cause. The efforts were organized by a graduating student Mara Magyarosi from the College for Creative Studies and because of her efforts, these students created 1,900 bones. For more on this project, visit www.onemillionbones.org/