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    Strategic input for a lifestyle brand aimed at 'gamers'.
Hyper Island Student Project. 
Brand strategy for a new fashion & lifestyle brand directed at 'gamers'. Our process involved research, gaining insights and iterating strategic tools to finalise and validate the DRKN strategy.  
Following are some screens from the Strategy Handbook.
- Most people playing games don’t perceive themselves as gamers. / DON’T USE THE WORD GAMER.
Gaming is considered a social activity. / EMBRACE THE POWER OF THE OFFLINE COMMUNITY.
People playing games are looking for more than clothes to identify with. / LOOK BEYOND FASHION.
- Pro-gamers are the athletes of tomorrow. / CONSIDER THEM AS SUCH.
CONSUMER TRUTH / What is the consumers reality? 
Their identity is hidden in the online world.
CULTURAL TRUTH / What is going on in the world? 
A growing connected, empowered and enlightened world.
CATEGORY TRUTH What is going on in the brand market space?
The market is dominated by merchandise with fantasy art that only a minority of consumers use. It is assumed that these products fulfill the markets need.
BRAND TRUTH / What will DRKN provide for its consumers?
Because DRKN is of the gaming community, it understands its consumers and is therefore able to extend the gaming world to real life.
The Brand Idea via Brand Truths
The Brand Platform