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Audi – Dealer Meeting 2014

Information on the client
Audi AG is a german premium automobile manufacturer and is owned by the Volkswagen Group.

Visual communication for 2014 Dealer Meeting 

Part of AUDI AG’s dealer support service is an annual invitation to an immersive brand experience with product presentation and a strategic approach, held at an attractive location. To provide the approximately 3,500 international guests with the best possible service, the event is held in ‘waves’ of 300 to 600 guests each.
The 2014 Dealer Meeting was held in Berlin, in the former Tempelhof Airport and heating plant – now transformed into an extraordinary venue. The communication design comprised development and implementation of a consistent and integrated concept for all visual communication for the event, including invitation and confirmation packs in a range of languages, event signage for logistics and visitor guidance, large-scale graphics, equipment such as name signs, giveaways, menus, crew uniforms and a microsite interface design. In addition, the brief included location-related extras such as a city guide and an installation created using pressed aluminium cubes from the R8 production facility at Neckarsulm, which formed the backdrop for the reception area at the evening event. The project was developed in close collaboration with an inter-disciplinary team of event agency representatives and architects. 
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Audi – Dealer Meeting 2014

Audi – Dealer Meeting 2014

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