Initial concept for the design. An image place within a mask shaped as trees.  this was well recieved and general feedback was about a change in image within the outline and changing the font used to the one used on all their ep covers.
From here I recieved some of the bands photography from their travels to try within the tree outline idea. It was then made clear that there should be a black and white and colour version of the image.  These versions were then sent to the band for them to decide which one they liked best.
The first image was chosen for further development and from here I manipulated the photograph to allow for mre sky so the bottom of the image could be devoted to the scenery part leaving the sky to create bold outlines of the trees.  The type was then moved to within the image and this became the final composition.
These are the final 2 outcomes with a colour and black and white version. This image will now be used for promotional imagery and printed onto t shirts for merchandise.
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