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    Product modeling and rendering for DARKON lighting.
Darkon Product VisualisationsProduct modeling and rendering for Darkon Architecural Lighting.
Darkon Pty Ltd required 3D product visuals to generate sales interest within the market  prior to manufacture. Products were modelled entirely in Solidworks and exported to 3DS Max for rendering with Vray. The product visuals form the basis of all of Darkon's product marketing including web and printed assets.
SLIM H - H section aluminium extrusion with up and down fluorescent illumination for both functional and ambient lighting.
SLIM C UP - Suspended fluorescent up light in extruded aluminium profile.
SLIM C UP - Suspended flourescent up light with adjustable halogen spot light.
SMITH TRACK - Adjustable track spot light with handle and sliding snoot.
CAPITAL T - Surface mounted fluorescent wall light.
DEEP C - Recessed circular fluorescent down light.
DEEP C SM - Surface mounted circular fluorescent down light.
DEEP C S - Suspended circular fluorescent down light with modular suspension rod.
DEEP DOWN - Downlight with recessed lamp for low glare and small trim for trim-less appearance.
DEEPER DOWN SR - Semi-Recessed downlight with decorative CNC machined collar.
MRS T SM - Wide surface mounted profile with twin lamp options.
SLIM C SM - Slim line surface mounted profile.
DOUBLE DOWN - Recessed double halogen down light in extruded aluminium housing.
DOUBLE DOWN SM - Surface mounted halogen down light in extruded aluminium housing with machined endcaps.
GRAZER BACK LED CHAIR - Feature lighting furniture for foyers and lobbies.
GRAZER LED - Product family on display.
GRAZER LED, PIVOT MOUNT - Fixed mounting arms with pivoting LED in aluminium extrusion.
EDGE SYSTEM - Recessed aluminium extrusion specifically for 'edge' lighting of walls.
HUNG DEEP - CNC machined aluminium pendant with control gear located in surface mounted body..
SLIM C LED - Fixed length pendant with high powered LED strip.
WYN STEP - Recessed miniature step light.
PORT C - Round wall / ceiling mounted down light with back lit ambient lighting.

PRODUCT SPEC SHEETS - All product renders were arranged into a product specification sheets for marketing and ordering purposes.