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    Work from Edwina Buckley
Edwina Buckley
Edwina Buckley has won countless colouring in awards (roughly five), and is confident, as are we, that drawing is her greatest natural gift. With an average of two drawings a week since age four (3000 in total), expressing her love of intricate and exquisite detail visually is now second nature.
Edwina is most regularly inspired by the marriage of opposed objects combining birds and animals, ladies, bones, flowers and skulls into considered acts of beauty.
Owner of a prickly bearded dragon that doubles as a watercolour palette, Edwina has found a niche designing repeats and placement patterns for the fashion industry. But when she’s not laughing loudly in quiet places, she’s secretly plotting to make it big as an illustrator in advertising, editorial and publishing.
Fascinated by the psychology of the creative mind, artistic collaborations and creative communities this left-handed lady studied at the University of NSW, College of Fine Arts and has seven years commercial illustrating experience.