The Good Day Cafe set out to be a place that makes people comfortable on their first visit—and a place they’ll make their own. It invites people to meet, have a cup of coffee, share a great meal or hang out.
The exterior of the restaurant welcomes customers with a familiar warmth and approachability.
The Good Day Cafe was envisioned to be a place that’s inviting, so it’s no accident that the place is more comfortable than novel. The details often tell the story, and the Good Day Cafe tells it with rough hewn wood beams, warm colors, custom designed floors, metalwork and lighting fixtures.
The mural compliments the comfortable feeling of the space, helping create an environment that is charming, warm and friendly. The mural serves as a focal point of the restaurant, allowing patrons to discover something different each time they visit.
Menus use naive, colorful illustrations to make the place feel friendly, in a modern sort of way.
Good experiences are ones you want to share with others. The Good Day Cafe extends the experience by offering custom apparel and gift cards for purchase.