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    This is the brand identity of the nerd TV channel Space Noodle. It has been developed during Sociology course at Politecnico di Milano in 2014. T… Read More
    This is the brand identity of the nerd TV channel Space Noodle. It has been developed during Sociology course at Politecnico di Milano in 2014. This version is the result of a PERSONAL RESTYLING. Concept, and original design: Daniela Arienti, Andrea Benedetti, Alessia Bissolotti, Valentina Borin, Nadia Conti. Read Less
Space-Noodle is an entertainment TV channel, specifically addressed to the Nerd audience. The careful selection of programs broadcast allows to answer in a complete and unprecedented way to television user needs, gathering contents that usually the audience is forced to find on a set of different channels. The offer includes different types of programs purchased and independently produced, relative to different themes, always in line with the specific interests of users: Anime and TV series, Eastern and Western; cult films, research and entertainment programs dedicated to the world of movies, TV series, comics, technology and videogames. The goal of Space-Noodle is to become a reference for Nerd culture so to allow the user to feel part of a digital community.  
Just like the term “spaghetti western” refers precisely to the Western movies shot in Italy, the name, born from the union of the English word “Space” and “Noodle”, typical pasta from Japan, is a reference to two topics of particular concern to our target: the science fiction and the Eastern universe. This name has the ambition to give a voice to the Nerd world. 
Television programming has spread from the freeview channel to anyone in possession of the DTT equipment to see it.
The choice of transmitting unencrypted is due to the desire to provide an open, free and quality service, in order to fight the common tendency to use illegal streaming on the network. 
A Media Library will be available on the website, delivered through on-demand subscription. The web platform gives users the chance to be part of a integrated multimedial and technological reality, where you can actively participate in the debate and exchange opinions with all those who share the same interests and simultaneously take advantage of content and insights using the media library on-demand. 
Mobile: Space Forum
Space-Noodle is also on smartphones and tablets, thanks to an app developed for the community. With this tool it's possible to enjoy contents and debates shown in the website in a more rapid and direct way. Thanks to a simple and functional interface, you can comment in real time on the forum, with no need of connecting to the website. 
At the end of the creative process, the team realised a book in which the TV channel has been analyzed from a marketing point of view, in order to explain to a potential investor strenghts and opportunities of this project. 
Thank you for watching and...
May the Force be with you!