From Motiongrapher
"(...) Tendril relaunched their web presence today, joining the growing number of nimble, mid-sized shops repositioning themselves in response to the hand-writing on the wall: Broadcast isn’t dead, but the more reliable — and often more interesting — work is increasingly found in other places. As a 5 year old studio with roots stretching back 10 years, Tendril is an interesting case study in change. In our chat with them, they share their perspective on the current business climate and how they’re attracting new opportunities. We also touch on the important of staying small and what it’s like to run a studio in Toronto.)(..)

(...)The process was incredibly hands-off. The Emoji’s motion were brought to life by the guys at Tendril RIO: Gabriel Rocha, Rodrigo Rezende, and Guilherme Twardowski."

Logo Design: Rafal Rviz (
Animation Direction: Alexandre Torres and Gabriel Rocha
Animation: Gabriel Rocha, Rodrigo Rezende, and Guilherme Twardowski.