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    Project made for ANA aeroportos de Portugal
Mascote Infantil
ANA Aeroportos de Portugal
This illustration project was made towards a contest for ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, with the purpose of creating a mascot for the new services, directed to families and children, that are being developed at the airport. The mascot would relate with the youngest passanger of a family to the airport, assuming the role of a host that amuses him and involves in the whole travel experience. The target are 3 to 12 years old children, from several cultures and nationalities.

The development of the project also included the creation of 3 secundary characters, and their own personalities.
I had to take into account that the mascot would be the spokesman before the target, alluding to the sense of place (Portugal) and building a logical association to the aviation universe.

I was inspired by the rich portuguese history, whose best reference to the idea of travel dates back to the time of the navigators, which explored the world into the unknown, with very few resources. I tried to capture that adventurous essence to define my characters, adapting it to our times, in which we travel in safe conditions and make the best of it.
Silva Family, and the Mascot Vasco

Mascot _ Vasco and Ana, the seagull
Secundary Character _ Coutinho
Secundary Character _ Amália
Secundary Character _ Bartolomeu and his portuguese Water Dog (Cão d'Água) Diogo
the whole project
Little stickers for the activity book