This project is a personal identity done to update the previous 5-year identity I had designed before. Since my work had gone some changes, I decided it was time to update my visual idenity devices so they would reflect better myself as a designer. The new symbol reflect my passion for geometry, structure and my two initials. It has order and is based on linear parts instead of block surfaces, making it a lighter element on the page. New typographical families for print and web were adopted to respond better to the new logo and the new set now revolves around a teal-kind of hue, which reflects a bit more maturity of design.
Logo Design Process
I started looking at my personal work and trying to define any similarities among the various pieces. I then found a strong sense of structure through geometrical compositions in 2D and 3D but also a lot of emphasis on angular forms for dynamic results. These concepts then became the basis for the design of the symbol and final logo.
Typography and Colors
Brand Devices
Business Cards
Project Invoice
Folder and Business Cards
Letterhead, Folder, Business Cards and Mailing Envelope
Responsive Website