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    Soad labels for products from a fictional soda company, specializing in all natural products, mostly using traditional and lesser known flavors.
Old Fashioned Soda Co.
I have always had a taste for the lesser appreciated soda flavors, and I think most young people tend to ignore them in favor of the more traditional varieties (cola, lemon-lime, whatever Mountain Dew is supposed to be) and energy drinks. I felt like most of the labels for these types of sodas were less than appealing to my demographic, and I wanted to correct that oversight. The fictional company bottling these products, The Old Fashioned Soda Co., is a small scale operation and uses only a few, all-natural ingredients to make high quality sodas. 

My main inspiration for the labels was the old school beer and soda labels of decades past. I wanted to bring something recognizable to the table for older customers who grew up with these soda flavors, while contemporizing the look a bit to appeal to a younger, untapped market. The series as a whole uses a dark gray color scheme with only a hint of color, unique to each flavor, and the neck decal is reminiscent of old style company seals.