Photosonic CGI work
Some images we have worked on in the last 6 months.
Heroes of the cinema in letter form for Odeon
I was trying to create an ice sculpture, something that perhaps would have been quite hard to do in reality. Took about 8 hours to sculpt in Zbrush, render in Modo 601, and post in photoshop.
Twilight of the dogs.
A Valentine's image we worked on with Coneyl Jay @
100% CGI, grass, leaves, tree's, everything.
This was the original idea, but we did a twilight shot for a test and straight away loved it.
Should have gone to Specsavers!
We did this as a test with Urs Wyss.We thought to get the rights to shoot a real stadium would cost an atom bomb in usage.     So we did everything in CGI.
We got asked to put this lady into a field of grass. After scouring through all the usual stock photo suspects, we finally created it all in CGI.
A city image we did for Ignis London. They didn't want any buildings to be recognised so we had to create all of the city in Modo. Some buildings are from Turbo Squid and others are made from scratch.
A nice client asked us to place very large numbers into an everyday photograph. there were 4 in total.
Placing CGI boxes into a scene to suggest the elephant in the room no one talks about.
Got to have CGI cars in the mix :)
A public service announcement to always wear a helmet when riding a bike.