Foundations Class
All of the following projects were created for a two-dimensional foundations class. The utilize a variety of mediums, including acrylic, ink, and collage, a valuable experience for experimenting with previously unused mediums. The emphasis of the class was not on illustration, but on composition, creating art without necessarily having a background in drawing. Many of these projects were a departure from what I would have ordinarily reached for to express ideas, but were a learning experience, and also a launchpad, for current and future projects. Personally, I moved away from trying to make "good" art and focused on the process of "making art" in itself.
Abstraction of a Desk Chair (Acrylic Paint on Bristol Board Vellum)
Out The Window (Charcoal Paper Collage and Pen and Ink on Bristol Board Vellum)
Falling, a Diptych (Ink and Acrylic of Bristol Board Vellum)
On Music (Acrylic and Ink on Bristol Board Vellum)