Blood Window 2015 - Poster Design
Blood Window is a horror & fantastic film market created by Ventana Sur / INCAA, oriented to promote latin american productions of the genre on international festivals and markets. For second consecutive year I'm really glad to illustrate its poster.

In its third edition the idea was to present tribute to local fantasy, so the image shows some of the native myths and popular creatures of the region, such as La Llorona, the Invunche and the Chupacabras. All of them reunited on a ritual cinema session, headed by the Kalku, a mapuche dark sorcerer.
First official banner, for Marché du Film / Cannes.
Initial value explorations.
WIP: 1- Linear sketch. 2- Setting perspective. 3- Final drawing.
WIP: 4- Blocking and basic modeling of all characters (I separated them in different layers, to be used independently inside the catalogue). 5- Basic color. 6- Almost finished, only missing some details on background, fog, general lighting plus some color corrections.
The Creatures:
El Familiar, Devil's dog story, sadly used to terrorize sugar workers in northwestern Argentina.
La Cegua, a horse-faced woman who attacks vicious men by night. It's a Central America legend (Costa Rica and Nicaragua).
The Invunche, a creature from mapuche mythology. Once a human, was deformed by Kalkus, and now is the protector of their caves.
Cumacanga, a character of Brazilian folklore. A cursed woman whose head is separated from her body on Friday nights, then set on fire.
La Llorona.
A colorful Chupacabras.
A personal vision of Gualicho, a harmful entity from mapuche/tehuelche mythology, which represents all forms of disgraces. Illness, hunger, drought, even things as heartbreaks.
Being a non-physical creature (like The Nothing from The Neverending Story), I took the freedom to make it humanoid.
Yaguareté-Abá, a mythological being of guarani culture. It has coincidences with the werewolf tale, but in this case the transformation occurs due to a specific ritual of witchery.
A 1920x1080 wallpaper, feel free to take it if you like it.
Some catalogs and postcards with the illustration.

I hope you liked it. Thank you for watching!

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Blood Window 2015 - Poster Design

Blood Window 2015 - Poster Design

For second consecutive year I'm proud to illustrate the poster for Blood Window, the horror & fantastic film market created by Ventana Sur / INCA Read more


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