Santa Chiara in Villa York – Restoration
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    Third and fourth year of School of Architecture Restoration Laboratory (I & II) team with: Silvia Cori
Santa Chiara in Villa York: XVII sec.
For the Restoration exam, we chose Santa Chiara chapel, in the Villa York, in the Gianicolense area. The chapel is in a decline situation and it is used as a builders storage.
We made an architectural survey of the current condition. Thanks to all the documents related to the chapel that we found, we drafted a deep historical research. We analysed the current state: wall thickness and alignment, structural ratio, units of measure and different masonries. Thanks to this information, we defined all the historical stages.
After the analysis of decay and structural instabilities, we evaluated values and critical issues. The task of the project is to emphasize the potentialities of the chapel.
In the Santa Chiara Chapel is displayed the information about Villa York and the chapel itself.
Where the altar was placed altar there is a “technological table” within a projector. The visitor can interact with this table and project information about the church and the villa. The seating refer to the previous function of actual church.
Third and fourth year of School of Architecture