'Kuch Bhi' - Anything
KB00 : Kuch Bhi
KB00 : How it all began
KB00 : Identity Design
KB01 : In the quest for ‘Kuch Bhi’
Description : I have wanted to contribute to ‘Kuch Bhi’ for many years and for me it has been a relentless hunt. This illustration depicts my journey; a persistent quest through a vast maze. Now, I have created a 'Kuch Bhi', the feeling that is discerning on to me is like the way someone said ‘it is the journey that matters in the end’.
KB02 : In the quest for 'Kuch Bhi' on T-shirt
KB03 : " Kuch Bhi - Pure intoxicating indulgence"
KB04 : 'Christmas is Coming'
Description : Christmas is Coming’ – It's a warm Christmas Greetings for all but, a little hatke(twist) from the red Santa, green trees and the glittering stars. It’s a pun on thematic line of ‘Game of Thrones’, the fantasy television series.
KB05 : 'Kuch Good & Bad Bhi'
Description : In life ‘Kuch Bhi’ is not perfect, at least not me or not with me. Someone once said, it’s always ‘a little bit of this and little bit of that ‘, just that the ratio varies.
 Wishing you all a prosperous, peaceful and joyful year ahead, may you strike the best skewed ratio with the greater value on the fairer side.
KB06 : Kuch 'Alien' Bhi
KB07 : Bloom 4 / 5 / 6
KB08 : 'Kuch Bhi' Wish Karo !
KB09 : ​Keep Clam & Create Kuch Bhi
KB10 : ​'Kuch Bhi' manoeuvre
KB11 : Kuch 'Bauhaus' Bhi
Description : Kuch 'Bauhaus' Bhi - A commemorative poster for 96th Anniversary of Bauhaus
KB12 : Red Letter Day
KB13 : 'Work for Money Design for Love'
KB14 : ​Girl with the 'Kuch Bhi' earring
KB15 : ​Romeo
KB16 : ​feeling nostalgic in B&W
Description : There were days when we watched the cricket match just in blacks & whites.I remember our first TV was a black & white Dyanora TV, the most charming feature that I loved in that TV was the ‘shutter and lock’ feature. The TV unit was fixed inside a beautiful wooden box which had a shutter and lock. The shutter could be unlocked with a key and could be coiled inside the wooden box with a slide motion while watching. Like my friends at school my brother and I had a certain time slot in a day when we were allowed to watch the fewer and the most enchanting shows. 
KB18 : Twister
Description : Summer is almost here, at this time of the year.  The thought of bearing harsh sweltering heat from the Sun is frightening but on the flip side it also brings in scintillating ‘Light’. The morning light shining through the tinted glass brings colors to life. Twister is a concept of a glass blown object inspired from the ‘Sunday Morning Sun’.
KB : My KBs since November 2014 till March 2015
Kuch Bhi

Kuch Bhi

'Kuch Bhi's since November 2014 till March 2015
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