Mapworks Survey
Poster design by Nick Hammond of Nick Hammond Design
Mapworks or (MAP) which stands for Making Achievement Possible, is an organization that aids Universities in implementing assessment tools.

In this case Mapworks was used in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in order to determine how 1st year students were coping with the changes in scenery as well as classes at the University level for the first time.

Below was a design I created and restructured so that it would be used as both a poster and door hanger. The poster was printed in-house at our design office at a large scale of 27x41 inches to be seen across the Housing facilities. The door hangers were also distributed and hung on every possible handle/knob in the facilities as well, slightly under 4,000 students. By taking the survey students were able to print out an individualized report which told them how they compare to their fellow classmates.

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