The Parallax View (1974) Blu-Ray release (student work)
The Parallax View (1974) Blu-Ray release

I treated the release as it if were real: the chapters, stills, studio logos, etc. I also wrote out my own list of special features since the DVD release is bare-bones. To read more about this film, click here.

The inside cover features 80+ screenshots (from Netflix) of a montage sequence that the main character watches in the middle of the film: a series of text and images with a folk melody playing in the background.
The disc artwork features the original theatrical key art. (The hole in the disc creates an unintentional and macabre visual pun.)
The images in the liner notes are double exposures (one still overlaid over another and flipped with the target brush revealing the person in the photo on the original layer).
The back cover of the liner notes features a reproduction of a document seen in the film.