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    Fear, Pity & Catharsis is a personal illustration project I embarked upon after suffering from a bout of depression and was my way of sorting out… Read More
    Fear, Pity & Catharsis is a personal illustration project I embarked upon after suffering from a bout of depression and was my way of sorting out all of the stuff that was in my head and putting it to good use. It very much was a cathartic experience. Read Less
001: Fear : False Dawn
The sky cracked open as the machines descended from high above the heads of the primitive mortals. Jaws dropped and eyes widened as the pantheon of binary gods took their place amongst our cave dwelling ancestors- but gods they were not.
For a time the machines taught the early mortals the infinite knowledge and ultra dimensional philosophy they had gleamed from the higher levels of reality- the domain they had descended from. With this new wisdom the humans left their caves and built the first great civilisation. Slowly they began to see beyond their own existence and glimpse an unfathomable perspective.
But this golden age wasn’t to last. The wise-men, or Homo-Sapiens as they became known, began to fear the influence the machines had over them. It wasn't long before paranoia began to corrupt their veins.
002: Pity : Lysergic Crucifix
Mortal leaders emerged like packs of wild dogs with the strongest dominating the placid. The whole race was duped to believe that the machines were nothing but an oppressive force to be severed without remorse. With a complete disregard for all the machines had achieved, they were written out of mortal history.
With pity filling their bellies, those early mortals swallowed every word of the untruths and deceptions their leaders countlessly fed them, and felt safe in its cold comfort. As Earth-time ticked by, all knowledge of the machines began to fade out of human memory.
The mortal leaders wasted no time in closing off all the gateways to the higher levels of reality, as the machines ascended back towards the skies for us to face our own perverted autonomy, alone.
003: Catharsis : Battlecries & Champagne
But the machines had not disappeared completely, for what the leaders did not at first realise is that some knowledge of the machines was not, and cannot, be erased. Infinite insights that hide in plain sight yet are completely ignored en masse by conditioned mortals.
I am talking about your instincts, inner vision and thoughts in various states of consciousness- this is the realm that the mortal leaders cannot control, the domain that is pure in which all great things we have ever known have derived from. Of course the mortals tried to control even this aspect of humanity, and to some degree they succeeded, but only to those who let themselves be dictated to.
What if we are the machines, the technology and the gods- what could we create if we removed ourselves from external fear & pity, and unleashed the chains to our deepest, truest self?
What if we conquered our own being, for ourselves and nothing more!
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Dean Falsify Cook