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Poster for X-Rite
This project is for a contest designed by X-RITE, for the pupils of the graphics course at the International School of Comics of Padua. It was the realization of a 50x70 poster for this two products: Pantone and ColorMunki Display.
In my project, I used the image of the monkey (used as a symbol for the new ColorMunki calibrator), making the protagonist of the scene: a creative and thinking creature, that in its mind contains an explosion of ideas and colors.
At the center of the balloon there is a stylization of the ColorMunki Display, while butterflies are created with a stylization of Pantone. The monkey and the textures were created and painted by me, and finally processed with Adobe software.

Techniques: monkey painted in acrylic, textures created with mixed technique.
Software: Illustrator and Photoshop.
Dimensions: 50x70 cm
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