Reinvigorate Artspace with a new brand expression that closely supports the new creative leadership’s vision for this contemporary, multidisciplinary art destination. Situated in Woolloomooloo directly across the road from Sydney Harbour, Artspace is a contemporary art gallery and studio complex residing in The Gunnery, a heritage space with naval beginnings – but one which is largely anonymous to passersby and Sydney’s cultural audiences. Spearheaded by Executive Director and acclaimed curator, Alexie-Glass Cantor, Artspace was seeking an exciting and challenging brand expression that captured the organisation’s proud, maverick past, and ambitions for a challenging, thought-provoking future. 

The brand strategy sought to capture Artspace’s role as a home to the nurturing and expression of contemporary art, and recognise its place as a platform for diversity and provocative thought – removed from the traditional gallery concept of art on walls. Stakeholder research and strategy led to Evercha(llen)ging as our brand idea, leading to a dynamic brand identity that conveys the constantly changing program of curation, and how the space adapts within the bounds of The Gunnery building as its scaffold. The brand identity is shaped by the building’s footprint, recognising the powerful link between Artspace and the physical space in which it lives. We sought to push the boundaries of design and layout to places of discomfort, reflectinng the ever-challenging ethos of Artspace and its contribution to the local and international arts community. 

- Stakeholder research 
- Brand strategy 
- Brand Identity 
- Tone of Voice 
- Launch Communications 
- Branded Environment Collateral 
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