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    Senior thesis publication at the Corcoran College of Art & Design
Garage Rock. Garage Punk. Hot Rod. Surf. Space Age. Monster. Rockabilly. Teenbeat. Trash. These terms describe a scene, which culminated in the 1990s for its finest moment. During these years, art and music came together to form a vibrant, electric, and exciting era of rock and roll music. The sounds mimicked the visuals, and the visuals mimicked the sounds, a rare union of designer and client. Those designing the flyers, posters, and album covers shared the same interests and influences as those making the music. A new generation of musicians and designers bonded over hot rod and monster b-movies, fuzz guitars, vintage girly mags, and surf culture,. “It was a style built around primal amateurism run amok. And it was GOOD” (Art Chantry).