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Digital Art
This is a new series for 2015.
The Idea was to take one cloud of pigment and to give it two personalities by flipping it 180.
As before I had to study the shots carefully in order to find the faces within them before I could actually
exploit them.
All works are for sale as prints at Saatchi Art
All of us has at some point been confronted with ourselves. A self from the past, the future or even as we are now. 
The question is, would you recognise you?
When you are a coward, would you recognise the hero inside?
When you suffocate can you reclaim your breath?
When you are down, can you get back up?
When you live too much in future’s past, can you bring yourself back too reality?
Can you be true?
HAAL ASEM (Afrikaans)
BREATH (English)
Prints available here
VERSTIK (Afrikaans)
CHOKE (English)
Prints available here
HELD (Afikaans)
HERO (English)
Prints available here
LAFAARD (Afrikaans)
COWARD (English)
Prints available here
AF (Afrikaans)
DOWN (English)
Prints available here
OP (Afrikaans)
UP (English)
Prints available here
VERLEDE (Afrikaans)
PAST (English)
Prints available here
TOEKOMS (Afrikaans)
FUTURE (English)
Prints available here