Architectural Studies in Pencil
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    A collection of pencil drawings from my personal portfolio.
Architectural dereliction ,the skeletons of broken Abbeys and Follies, dominate the British landscapes.     My portfolio of pencil crayon / graphite drawings encapsulates the spirit of these once majestic buildings now weathered by time.
The majestic Abbey'  Whitby, North Yorkshire, U.K. 
The Choir,Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire, U.K. ORIGINAL SOLD. Limited Edition prints available.
Fountains Abbey Window,North Yorkshire, U.K.  ORIGINAL SOLD. Limited edition prints available.
Whitby Abbey Window, North Yorkshire, U.K.
Whitby Abbey Arch, North Yorkshire, U.K. 
George's derelict Barn above Sparrowpit,Derbyshire,U.K. Graphite pencil drawing.
Haddon Hall,Derbyshire.U.K. Window feature. ORIGINAL SOLD. Limited edition prints available. 
The Opera House, Buxton, Derbyshire,UK. Original for sale and Limited Edition Prints available.