Light Writing is currently a new form of art that I've come to appreciate. Light Writing works by  sequencing stills taken with 4-30 second exposure as lights are moved in and through the frame this effect creates the optical illusion that the light is moving. Zooms, pans, tilts, and most other motion camera techniques can be applied with standard stop motion approaches. The most common technique is to capture multiple second exposures of light moving from one point to another in the frame. As the sequence is built the beginning and ending points of the lights motion can be moved along a given path. When the pictures are put in sequence the light seems to move with classic stop motion jitter. Most commonly, all of the work is done in camera at practical (real world, not a studio) locations.Light writing is most akin to another form of stop motion animation known as direct manipulation animation.The stills can be taken with a digital camera or film camera.I recently had some work done by a artist known as BSL or Basic Space Lighting, you can visit his page here

Hope you like. For more info on Light Writing just message BSL about it.