'Just be...'
This piece is for an exhibition down in Cape Town; the theme is 'Just be' & I interpreted this as being an expression of individuality. I want this piece to convey the idea that the future is always brighter and that one should have a positive outlook on life whilst being who they're meant to be and just enjoying who they really are. I started the piece in pencil (2B) and went on to use acrylic inks/watercolors and Faber-Castelle fineliners for detail. I also used a hairdryer to blow the wet ink & create the streaks (haha). It really took a lot for me to paint straight onto a pencil piece & it was an experiment outside of my comfort zone. So I understand if the pencil piece was better without the paint, but it's personal growth! Enjoy & please feel free to appreciate and comment. Thanks for watching!