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AC Adapter MIDORI designed by MicroWorks (c)KDDI
AC Adapter MIDORI for iida

The adapter is revolutionary, with a long cord that resembles the vine of a plant. It dangles, it coils,
it crawls, completely transforming the atmosphere of your room. Limited only by your imagination.

How about spicing up your room with another ornamental house plant? Whichever mobile phone you choose, you'll find that the old, boring adapter cord has changed its shape to a vine-like plant.
No more re-charging in the obscure recesses of your room.
Suddenly, your mobile phone is everywhere-dangling from the wall, crawling along the floor, coiling around the table. It exudes a bold accent on the living space around you.
Drawing its sustenance from plants, the mobile phone is always in good health.
One look at the adaptor and your room changes into a festive scene.
design: MicroWorks, 2009
status: in production (au by KDDI / iida    http://iida.jp)