This is a layout design I did for metropolis magazine. The theme surrounds the construction on the campus of MSU. the main buildings featured are the Eli & Edythe Broad Art Museum and Wells Hall. The text is latin filler text: Lorem Ipsum.
The layout is a combination of both an objective and subjective approach to a magazine layout. If you are familiar with the publication, it tends to be more subjective which led to a lot of fun with this piece. 

All photos were taken by myself on the campus of Michigan State University.

COVER: This cover really influenced the rest of the design. I had another design already made. Then i stumbled upon this cover and liked it so much, i tailored the rest of the design around it. 

The cover sets up both a horizontal and vertical grid the is present throughout the whole publication. The typography used features many type faces which is also present through our the design. The main component of the spread are the black and white photos. They all having a similar feel; modern but yet still very raw. The color scheme features black, white, magenta (C=0, M=100, Y=0, K=0), and a light orange (C=2, M=61, Y=70, K=0) as an accent color.

The publication dimensions 9.25" by 11" according to the Metropolis Media Kit 2010.

The spreads all contain running heads as well as folios on the outside of the pages at the bottom. 

COVER PROGRESSION: The cover started out focusing around the construction barrel. The issue with this cover was the focus was too much on the "boom" aspect and less on the buildings. Despite the fun typography, the concept hit a wall. 

The second and third covers focused heavily on the Broad Art Museum. They turned out to be very good, but had a few issues. First, they were very expected of the publication and lacked the pop I was looking for. Secondly, as cool as they were, they did not mesh well with the rest of the design. 

The last two covers obviously inspired the final cover. They also feature fun typography and meshed mush better the the publication design. They feature sharp edges, thickly weighted lines and finally the color scheme.

SPREAD NUMBER 1: The first spread features a beautiful photo of a stairwell taken through a construction fence. The ghosting effect on the first page is for contrast for the type and also to provide a transition into the white spread in the rest of the publication.

SPREAD NUMBER 2: This spread features the type broad with two small, contrasting, columns of type. The typography of broad being so large is on purpose. It emulates the broad museum and the effect it has on the northern part of campus. The photos her are very raw and industrial; this is the way outsiders have scene the museum for quite some time. 

The other photo is a very understated picture of the glass the is a main component to the building. 

The spread also features an infographic (below) that shows the monetary values related to the building of the art museum. The data can be found at
SPREAD NUMBER THREE: The last spread features a amazing photo of the inside of wells hall. Again there is two small, contrasting, columns of type.