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    Hand lettered logotypes collection
Hello everybody!
Here is set of different company logos and some unaccepted concepts what I did for the last time.
The letters in the logos drawn by hands. 
Brown tea & coffee shop (Ukraine)
Appetite restaurant (Hungary)
Buffet cafe (Russia)
Robinson backpacks (Ukraine)
Zlata jewellery (Ukraine)
Brown tea & coffee shop (logo concept)
Pizza delivery (logo concept)
Salubrity medical tourism (Germany)
Taurus mounting equipment (Ukraine)
Salubrity medical tourism (concept logo)
Ah sex shop (Netherlands)
Yuliya Blyakh lace workshop (Ukraine)
Zlata jewellery (logo concept)
Candy shop (logo concept)
Salubrity medical tourism (logo concept)
Ukrainian mail (logo concept)
Cartel restaurants (Ukraine)
Goodzone shopping center (Russia)
Salubrity medical tourism (logo concept)
KKUR Kyokushin karate union of Russia (logo concept)
Taurus mounting equipment (logo concept)
Barabanza ethnic music studio (Ukraine)
Mandzi Moscow kyokushin karate club (Russia)
Gnezdo (russian nest) handmade shop (logo concept)
KKUR Kyokushin karate union of Russia
Cartel restaurants (logo concept)