Domaine Dominoes
Domaine Dominoes is an alteration on the classic game of dominoes, but instead of matching the number of dots the goal is to match the number of topographic edges. This game can be played two ways, first, like with originaly dominoes you can only play of off two pieces and all you have to do is match edges with the same number of topographic levels. The second you can play of off any edge that is down, but you not only have to match the number of topographic edge but the height of the level must match, this creates a game that can last forever and a work of art that may be put on the wall.
The packing of this piece was made to show of the game pieces, so I made a box that uses the game pieces as the front and back walls, which slide out of the side when ready to play.

•This project received a Leo Burnett Scholarship in 2010
•Featured in the Art Directors Club of Denver Student Show 2011