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LRG Clothing: The Spot
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    LRG Clothing: The Spot
Strategic Branding: LRG (Lifted Research Group) Clothing Company
LRG clothing, based out of California, is a creative lifestyle company. Aiming to bridge the gap between skate and hip-hop cultures, they position themselves as a support group for underground, independent culture. There slogan “underground inventive, over ground effective” represents the roots of the company.  
“The Spot” is designed as a lifestyle support vehicle (LSV), aiming to further bridge the gap between the two cultures, as well as connect people in both physical and digital realms.
Graffiti Inspired exterior. Both the hip hop and skateboard cultures share a common love for graffiti art. From tagging walls and customizing boards, to the digital world where anybody can be an artist. The exterior styling is separate from the inner structure. It can be replaced later for newer styling options, and the outdated framing would be donated to skate parks and playgrounds for young people to enjoy. Intertwining frames also symbolize bridging the gap between the two cultures, offering something that appeals to all.
Wireless Media Tablet. Control music, connect to the web and share media. Remove the instrument panel and enjoy constant connectivity outside your vehicle.

Customize. All 4 seats act as skateboard storage, allowing the skateboard’s graphics to create your interior theme and reflect your personal style.
Nobody wants to sit in a parked car on a beautiful day. Fenders fold down to supply seating for you and your friends.