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野武士、西へ! / Samurai Go West!

野武士,一路向西!  野武士、西へ!久住昌之著

Samurai, Go West! by Masayuki Kusumi
Rye Field Publishing, 2015

Client: Rye Field Publishing
AD, GD: Yiche Feng


Samurai Go West! is written by the author of comic "Kodoku no Gourmet" (The Lonesome Gourmet). The concept was started in a chit chat among friends. "How about walking on bare feet from Tokyo to Osaka?" I would neither chase those popular shop, nor follow the information in the Internet. I will ramble like a wild samurai, carrying a ukelele instead of a sword. The unexpected journey should be more interesting.

The layout of book sleeve. The book is about short stories happened while walking by feet from Tokyo to Osaka. To correspond the idea, the map printed in dark yellow colour as background. The title typogaphy was really hand written with Chinese caligraphy brush.

The design of inner cover. All the Japanese kanjis are the name of the places mentioned in the book. This cover is printed as duo-tone instead of CMYK inks.
野武士、西へ! / Samurai Go West!

野武士、西へ! / Samurai Go West!

Book jacket design of the practice of modern samurai spirit