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The architecture of StarWars (pt I)
London - Competition 2011

The Architects’ Journalselects the most important buildings from a galaxy far, far away
Star-Wars creator andamateur architect Gg of Chile has been accused of rather too closely following thedesigns of mediamagnate William Randolph Hearst’s ‘Xanadu’ Castle. He should have looked closerto home for inspiration: his Star Wars films are full of wonderfularchitecture. Here the Architects’ Journal selects its top ten Star Warsbuildings.
The city of Jakarta,Indonesia, was originally designed in the confluence of thirteen rivers whichwere used for transportation and agriculture. The largest of its rivers is TheCiliwung River, which has been extremely polluted during the last couple ofdecades, characterizes by hundreds of slums inhabited by thousands of people inmarginal conditions.
The Ciliwung RecoveryProgram (CRP) is a project that aims to collect the garbage of the riverbankand purify its water through an ingenious system of mega-filters that operatein three different phases. The first one separates the different types ofgarbage and utilizes the organic one to fertilize its soil. The second phasepurifies the water by removing dangerous chemicals and adding importantminerals to it. The clean water is then fed to the river and to the nearbyagricultural fields through a system of capillary tubes. Finally in the thirdphase all the recyclable waste is processed.
One of the most importantaspects of this proposal is the elimination of the slums along the river. Themajority of the people will live and work at the CRP which could be understoodas new city within Jakarta. The CRP project will be a 100 percent sustainablebuilding that will produce energy through wind, solar, and hydroelectricsystems.