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COTIDIANO: el arte de cada día / Everyday's Arts
¿Qué es el ARTE? / What is ART?
Arte es la acción, la vida. / Art is action, life.
Reflexión participativa de Abel, 54 años, músico y sonidista. / Abel, 54 years, musician and soundman.
"Abel, exteriorizar sin temor" tinta china sobre papel / "Abel, to externalize without fear" ink on paper
Carlos, ¿quién es un artista? - 24 años, músico y publicista / Carlos, who is and artist? - 24 years, musician and publicist.
"Carlos, entrega, amor, altruismo." tinta china sobre papel / "Carlos, commitment, love, altruism" ink on paper
Dana pensando, 53 años, consultora en ventas. / Dana thinking, 53 years, sales consultant.
"Dana, transformar, transmitir y eternizar" tinta china sobre papel / "Dana, transform, transmit and eternize. " ink on paper
David, 23 años, diseñador gráfico. / David, 23 years, graphic designer.
"David, amor por la realidad" tinta china sobre papel / "David, love for reality" ink on paper.
Escribe Joaquín, 12 años, amante del teatro y la danza. / Joaquin writes, 12 years, theater and dance lover.
"Joaquín, hacer todo con ganas." tinta sobre papel / "Joaquin, making everything eager" ink on paper
Mafer se dibuja como una artista, 9 años, futura guionista. / Mafer makes a selfportrait as an artist, 9 years, future screenwriter.
"Mafer, tener y dar valor." tinta china sobre papel / "Mafer, to have values, to give values" ink on paper
Susana, 40 años, madre y estudiante,  se concentra en torno al arte de la vida. / Susana, 40 años, mother and student, she focuses on the art of life. 
"Susana, ingenio para tolerar" tinta china sobre papel / "Susana, wit for tolerate" ink on paper
"Abel, en mi vida" serigrafía y collage /  silkscreen and collage - To be an artist is learning to have the capacity to externalize without fear. I am an artist because I lost the fear of criticism.
"Carlos, cada día" serigrafía y collage / Silkscreen and collage. Virtuosity, dedication, commitment, love, altruism, sensitivity, creator, "crazy", thoroughness, self-knowledge. I thought a person could be an artist of life. I also thought that would be the best way of living, and I must start being and artist of life.
"Dana, ahora" Serigrafía y collage sobre papel / The artist creates, transforms, transmits,  and  immortalizes a moment, an idea, an emotion. I become an artist by looking words for informing, , to order, to manage, for best results.
"David, a diario" serigrafía y collage / Art is the result of the love for reality. I try to see details of everyday scene, a try to see through other people eyes, to feel, to breath...
"Joaquín, hoy", serigrafía y collage / All artists are talented, creative, fine, better, excellent. I am an artist because I don't do anything with anger, I do lit with desire.
"Mafer, siempre" serigrafía y collage / An artist is the one who has value, courage. To make art gives courage or value to all your partners. I am an artist when I write the story of a butterfly that is me.
"Susana, en mis días" serigrafía y collage / I am an artist when I have to figure out how to amuse and tolerate mi children, without punishing them. When I think up dance steps whit them. When I have to give an advice to someone who needs it, When I talk to my children and I understand that we are all different and unique.
Afiche "Cotidiano, el arte de cada día" / Poster, digital collage. "Day to day, the art of everyday... an artistic space, with illusttration, music and you.
Postal "Cotidiano" , collage difgitl / Postcard. digital collage. " Art. Have courage, for Mafer. To love the reality, for David. Renovation . For me, life. For you?"
"Cotidiano ilustrado" video collage - música original.
COTIDIANO: el arte de cada día / Everyday's Arts

COTIDIANO: el arte de cada día / Everyday's Arts

Cotidiano, el arte de cada día explora el concepto de "artista" en un entorno lúdico e ilustrado. / This participative art project explores the c Read More


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