Urania's Ode -Synergastirion-
Synergastirion's screen-printed ode to Urania, muse of astronomy
Text from John Miller's classical poem "Paradise Lost",  Book VII 
..."Come down from Heaven, Urania.
Listening to you I get higher than Mount Olympus, even higher than Pegasus, the winged horse, can fly. 
I'll call you that even though you're not one of the nine Muses or one of the Olympian gods.
You were born in Heaven. 
Before the world was created, you were already there.
You made God happy as you talked and played and made poetry with your sister, Wisdom. 
With your guidance I dared to go up into Heaven"...
3-plate silkscreen / exposed via photocopy direct on screen /
 17.5 x 25 cm, randomly printed on various papers & materials.
a run of 30 were printed on vintage greek maps.
100 unique numbered and signed prints
The constellation of Pegasus, combined with the excerpt from the poem, it is from this heavenly horse the human rider falls, is printed on the third layer. The second layer depicts Urania reaching the earth from the cosmos, a clean symmetrical collage, expressing the divine elements. The base layer is the title of the print, reading Urania thy celestial song, depicting through rough handwritten typography, the human imperfect side.

The work symbolizes the fall from the heavens, the vulnerability of the human being, that falls from the embrace of the godly heavens to wander and suffer alone on the surface of the earth.
April 2015
Art Direction: Olympia Lioni
Graphic Design: Markos Zouridakis, Olympia Lioni, Sergio Kotsovoulos
Color Textures: Marietta Kallona
Screenprinting: Synergastirion Crew
The Muse, Calliope, couldn't save her son, Orpheus.
His music charmed even the trees and rocks till the drunken mob killed him. 
But that won't happen to us because you really are from Heaven, not just a Greek myth, right?
Urania's Ode -Synergastirion-