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    FirstCarbon branding, informational architecture, web design, front-end coding, and CMS implementation
Leaders in environmental data solutions, FirstCarbon make their statement online.
FirstCarbon is an international leader in the collection,management and reporting of performance-related, environmental data. In pioneeringthe age of the Carbon Process Professional, a new, modern, comprehensive, andeasy-to-use online presence was required.

I worked closely with the professionals atFirstCarbon in creating a complete solution that ranged from tweaking theexisting logo and overall brand, to designing and developing a new web sitefrom the ground up. The process included a thorough analysis of desired goals,a full set of wireframes illustrating how the new site would achieve them, aswell as a coherent design meant to reinforce the brand and guide users torelevant bits of information. To make updating a breeze and provide access to aset of powerful management tools, I have also implemented the site using afully customized version of the ExpressionEngine content management system.
December 2009
www.firstcarbonsolutions.com (as of 2011, the site has been modified by the client)