"Comb" multi folding chair 3d model
Photographic renders
This is my concept of a multifolding wheelchair.The ideea comes from the limitation of space when it comes for storage of a wheelchair,whether if is a closed, car , city  car and so on.
The premises of construction of this wheelchair is usage of ultra  light and strong materials like:aluminium, titanium, carbon fiber and other composite materials.
The aproach of this design has and adjustability premises.It will be posible to adjust the front seat height, rear seat height, front caster angle, back rest angle, backrest height, foot rest length to fit your requirements. This of course  will bring as well requirements of bolts, brackets and screws and these add weight to the wheelchair. Most ultra, ultra-lightweight wheelchairs will have limited adjustability.
As exterior design and colours i tried to combine colorurs,textures and cuts to have a more apeling,fun,dynamic lok,due to the results of my research where many fizcaly impaired people where complaining about this issue.If a car can be made beautifull why a can not be the same for a wheelchair.
The name "Comb" comes from the heneycomb texture and cut used in the seating of the wheelchair as well as the ideea of sustainible design.The honeycomb also is the home of a big family of bees therefor the name "Comb" stands for the  Inclusive design aspects of this product.
This an exercise so it can be improved further more.