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    Beverage advertising campaign by Lars Brandt Stisen for Dr.Go Drinks GmbH Berlin. Creative direction, Model and product photography.
Creative direction, photography and post-production: Lars Brandt Stisen
Creative direction/Assistant: Rurikashi Fenris
Model: Sarah Youssef
Styling: Lars Brandt Stisen
Hand models: Sarah Youssef, Lars Brandt Stisen
Cardboard requisites: Lars Brandt Stisen
Limonade bottle dress: Sarah Youssef and Lars Brandt Stisen
Studio: MADDOCMAN Berlin

Creating an advertising campaign with a Berlin vibe + product images for Dr.Go Drinks GmbH.
Dr.Go is a 100% natural high quality black and blueberry carbonated soft drink with caffeinefrom coffee beans and guarana plants. Dr.Go is produced and bottled in Germany.
Getting nails done, drawing and cutting cardboard requisites. Creating a dress from limonade bottles...