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    Some of my illustrations I made
Illustrations I made
All types of illustrations
Skyline of Berlin during Festival of lights Oktober 2011. Totally in vector (Illustrator) made. 
Vector Illustration made for a project to make an image in christmas style. More of these will follow... 
Talking cam. one of my Cam characters. Done in Photoshop. 
One of the images I draw and colored for my graphic novel I'm currently working on. Made in Photoshop.
Cover image for my Graphic novel I'm working on. Draw by hand first, then colored it in Photoshop.
For a school project made this cutie piggy. Totally draw it  in Photoshop. (no photomanipulation done!)
Illustration from photo I made. This is me. 
Illustration made for stock sale. 
Some funny work for school 
school project - Made from a sketch provided to me. 
This has been a practice for me. Made about 2 years back. Still love it! 
drawing made from a photo I made for a music band.