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    A Boat - A Fairy Tale - A Journey with many perspectives
And this sailboat was just the excuse. To continue, to create, to satisfy, to conquer our next target. An advertising move with multiple potentials, based in the need of promoting the brand.
The Concept: A Boat - A Fairy Tale - Many Perspectives

Writing a fairy tale and creating a hero to mark company's decision to be a Sponsor to a racing sail boat. An idea that can touch the conscience of readers, young and old and may developed in other stories based on selected corporate actions or even to become animation game.
The distribution of this can be integrated into other corporate social responsibility actions because every company that respects itself, offers children, loves art and chooses a more friendly and smart way to define its identity.
Company's activity is related to Cyber Security, so:

safe navigation in sea waters - surf the Internet safely
with double recipients:
reader parent / child listening ➤ memory for the 2
Central Hero: Rovertos, a young Knight / All children love these heroes and immediately identify with them.
Appearance: Cute, smiling, with a cape on the shoulders that will bring the company logo and the only "weapon" the magic scepter (prestige-power).
Our little knight has as mission is to bring joy to all children. In our case Rovertos (essentially comes from the English word Rover which means wanderer) travels to the great sea in order to leave a trail of clear water so that all children can play and swim happily, enjoying the beneficial properties of the sea .
On his journey he meets many different creatures of the deep, to help him in his work. But meets and storms, big waves and dangerous, but also moldy water. Then intervenes the Fairy, protects, shields him, saves him from pitfalls.

Symbolisms on first reading
Sea = Internet
Scepter = Knowledge
Clear Water = safe Internet browsing
The Way
A small but powerful ship with masts and sails that will bear the emblem of the Knight (company logo).
The Story (summary)
As in every tale that respects himself, and here decisive factor will be the presence of the good fairy - essentially symbolizes and defines the company's support (female, so affection, tenderness, strength). She will  will help Rovertos to succeed, giving him a magic scepter (the power and knowledge to do it). Once Rovertos holds it high up in the sky and after crying loudly magic words, the sea calms immediately becomes blue as his eyes and dolphins jumping around singing cheerful and happy (safe Internet world).
Rovertos may be any one of us and with adequate protection (company's services) to accomplish his goal. The symbolism but here is twofold. The little reader will have memories thru the hero but as a second reading to understand fairy's positive influence on hero's life (the good fairy symbolizes the company). Whenever Rovertos has trouble, the good fairy is beside him, help him, protect him and solve the problem immediately.