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    TASTE TIME winery and restaurant visual identity
TASTE TIME Winery & Restaurant Visual Identity
The name “Taste Time” was the main inspiration for identity design and interior style.
It is not just a name, it can be understood as a slogan or a message about the hole winery/restaurant concept, inviting you to stop, and find time to enjoy the delicious food and drinks.
The restaurant’s location in popular shopping and entertainment center “Akropolis” allows to schedule an afternoon lunch, grab a quick gourmet sandwich, meet friends for evening cocktail or refresh yourself with a glass of champagne after pleasant shopping.
The main target creating TasteTime logo was that logo design must be simple and easy to read. However, it couldn’t loose distinction and couldn’t fail to communicate the concept of the restaurant to the consumers. Meeting those requirements was created TasteTime logo, which is simple and clean.

TasteTime logo represents authority, luxury and elegance. Black color is used to target the youth and a high-end audience. Black color creates a mistery while represents sophistication and exclusivity. It’s simple, but also bold and authoritative.
Winery/restaurant identity was provided with: name, logo, signboard, food and drink meniu, conseption of food visualisation.

Taste Time – exclusive wine & the soul pleasing food.
Client:   TASTE TIME winery & restaurant
Branding and Design:   Emilija Uzukauskiene
Marketing Consultant:   Erika Kavaliauskiene
Photos:   Artiom Istuganov