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    An infographic showing the global reach and capability of CoorsTek.
CoorsTek is the world’s largest manufacturer of technical and engineered ceramics. Their ceramic parts go into virtually every product we come across in modern life; from smartphones to soda pop, ceramics are involved in the process somewhere along the way. For years, CoorsTek has operated their various facilities and divisions almost as separate entities, which created confusion in the marketplace since their customers didn’t know just how big CoorsTek actually is.

Part of the solution to showing off how global the company really is, was the creation of a worldwide map that would be folded and shrink-wrapped into the Q1 2015 edition of the employee newsletter. Additional prints would be made and sent to each facility around the world to hang in their lobbies, break rooms, and other high-traffic areas. The Around The World poster showcases the size of the company, its manufacturing capacity, and the variety of industries and markets that are served by each facility in each location around the globe.
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